Healthy Marriages. Whole Families.

Strengthening Marriages and Families Everywhere

“Of all the Wedding must haves, and countless hours spent planning, no one thought to recommend Marriage Mentoring.
Having an experienced couple prepare and encourage us for the journey of marriage has made a huge difference. Now I am telling everyone about CenterPeace.” -Raleigh, NC

Your CenterPeace is an educational 501(c)3, non-profit dedicated to strengthening marriages and families everywhere.

Healthy Marriages

Begin with a healthy start.
When you are in a mentoring relationship, you are 31% more satisfied in your marriage than couples who have not been mentored.

Whole Families

You care about your future. A healthy marriage leads to a strong, whole family.

We care about your marriage

 Take matters into your own hands by being proactive with the power of three.
Annually investing in one book, one class, and one check-up
will greatly enhance your relationship.

One Book.

When is the last time you read to each other?
Drop your phones and get intimate.
Download some books we love.

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One Class.

Learn tools to help your marriage improve.
Our free classes address core challenges.
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One Check-up.

Everyone knows that annual check-ups are smart.
Experienced couples need help too.
Check out our favorite experts.

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