We are Brooke and Jeremiah and we have been married since 2003. Our first five years of marriage were miserable, it was not an easy road for us as a couple, we are complete opposites and we brought a lot of debt and emotional baggage into our marriage.  Through some phenomenal classes and counseling sessions we can now say we are best friends.  We have been so encouraged by the struggles and accomplishments that we have been through, we now seek the opportunity to help other couples.  Brooke, a previous Project Manager, has been a financial mentor for 9 years and enjoys mentoring couples through Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University principals.  Jeremiah a former Chemist and now PA Student, has been mentoring men for 10 years.  Together we have led Financial Peace University classes and we now focus on facilitating marriage mentoring training and mentoring client couples.  One of our greatest accomplishments as a couple has been to pay off all of our debt ($90,000) and we have been debt free for eight years. We have two wonderful boys in elementary school and we enjoy raising them as a team.

Brooke Powers – Founder & Executive Director

In January of 2013 Brooke had this vision of creating a wedding venue that did more than to help the bride with the wedding day, but to prepare the couple for the journey of marriage.  During daily meditation the ideas kept coming and she journaled for months before sharing the vision.  Today we have CenterPeace, a non-profit that strengthens marriages and families by doing two things, help marriages start well and develop well. We continue to grow our team of dynamic marriage mentors and teachers.

Jeremiah Powers – Co-Founder

I recall the day back in March of 2013 when Brooke approached me with an idea she had been mulling over for some time.  The concept is a marriage center that would use the revenues from a wedding venue to fund non-profit offerings around strengthening marriages.  I was caught up in this dynamic concept as it struck a chord with my soul.  Being deeply affected by the tragedy of divorce, I have a strong drive to see marriages thriving.  My primary role in CenterPeace is to share the vision for the non-profit, and to mentor couples.

Jamala Harrison

Jamala has been a Marriage Mentor for Your CenterPeace, along with her husband Raymond, since 2018.  She is honored to be able to share the wisdom and perspective gained from her years of marriage with other couples who are just embarking on their life journey together.  Jamala has spent most of her professional career in the education and nonprofit worlds.  Currently, she provides virtual business support to nonprofits and small business owners through her business Refine Virtual Solutions.  She and Raymond are the proud parents of two boys.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth joined our Board in the Fall of 2019 she has been a member of the Programming Committee and regularly makes an appearance in our webinars, producing relevant information on healthy relationships.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice (@yourjourneythrough) serving teens and young adults.  Her mission is to demystify therapy and make it fun and meaningful experience for clients.  She and her husband, Ned, were married in April 2019 after taking part in the Your CenterPeace Marriage Mentoring program.

Mary Tomlinson- Board Member

Mary joined the Board in the Fall of 2018. She and her husband have been married for 40 years and are trained as Marriage Mentors. Mary has owned her own business – On-Purpose Partners,  since 2001 she has been providing personal and executive coaching, marketing, culture, team and customer service consulting and speaking.  Mary spent 18 years at the Walt Disney Company as an executive, coaching teams of 8-800 in Marketing, Branding and as Director of the former Disney Institute.

John Pitman – Board Member

John’s passions for growth, simplicity, and efficiency through standardization, innovation and integration is applied to non-profit organizations following a career in corporate strategic planning, long range planning and financial management. He and his wife, Lee Ellen, have been married nearly 50 years, and were literally the “girl and boy next door”. John enjoys traveling with his wife Lee Ellen and doing family activities with their children and grandchildren.

Terrance Pigues- Board Member

Terrance is a mentee of Your CenterPeace’s Marriage Mentoring program! Having married his wife , Stephanie, just before the Coronavirus spread in the United States, they are thriving as newlyweds because of the preparation they did before they were married. Terrance has a big heart for inspiring newlyweds to also thrive in their pursuit of togetherness forever, by joining the community offered by Your Center Peace! As a professional “techie”, Terrance is helping to transform virtual communication and collaboration for the future of how we work. When Terrance is not working, he and his wife are either burning or enjoying calories during their two favorite hobbies: fitness & cooking.