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“Meeting with our mentors helped us see what a great marriage can be. They gave us a great framework to work within and we feel prepared for the “journey to marriage.” – newlyweds, Raleigh, NC

Would you build a house without a foundation?  You would not, and that’s likely why you are here looking into ways to create a solid foundation for your marriage. Whether you had a great example of marriage growing up or your parents were divorced, or this is your second marriage you are going to benefit from meeting with your mentors.  As you know there are many predictable issues for engaged and newlywed couples as they establish roles, deal with conflict, handle money, develop sexual intimacy and decide how they will celebrate family holidays and create family traditions. At CenterPeace we utilize the SYMBIS Assessment and Marriage Mentoring Academy curriculum to facilitate conversations around these key areas.

“Our mentors showed us what Conflict Resolution looks like. We had been fighting the same way for years, we had no idea there was another way!” – newlyweds, Raleigh, NC

We offer three services:
*SYMBIS Assessment Facilitation, Marriage Mentoring and Marriage Classes.
The cost of SYMBIS Facilitation and Marriage Mentoring is $35.
We receive our financial support from the community. 

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*Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, the best selling pre marriage prep assessment.

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 Take matters into your own hands by being proactive with the power of three.
Annually investing in one book, one class, and one check-up
will greatly enhance your relationship.

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