How To Fight So Your Spouse will Really Listen

By Sharon May

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If you are a couple, you’ve most likely had an argument. Big or small, it can ruin your day and, even worse, your relationship. Dr. Sharon Morris May says, “It’s not how similar you are or even your level of conflict that determines your marital success but how you deal with your emotions, vulnerabilities, and dragons when you argue.”

Dr. Sharon views conflict through the lens of the attachment theory, helping us understand: why we argue, how we argue, and how to unravel our arguments. She helps us identify what’s really going on in our brains and body when we argue, the cycles we get stuck in, the emotions fueling the cycles, and then helps us to argue in more considerate and connecting ways. She also offers six practical principles that help turn arguments into conversations:

Establish a Safe Haven
Comfort Dragons
Get Inside Emotions
Learn How to Complain
Learn How to Apologize
Bookend it with Good Times
Learning how to argue so your spouse will listen will change your marriage and change your life!

Our Thoughts On this Book...

Helps you have arguments that are constructive and purposeful and not feel like you are stuck with unresolved conflict.