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What is CenterPeace? How can they help my relationship?
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Your relationship with your future spouse matters to us. Why? Because at CenterPeace, our passion is to work with couples and help them create a strong, lasting relationship.

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2 Hour ‘Forever Marriage’ Workshop
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By starting your relationship off with 8-10 hours of good pre-marriage education, you take the success of your relationship into your own hands.

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The Great Divide
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The Pursuer Distancer Dynamic
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Codependency in Relationships
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The Healthy Marriage Model
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We care about your marriage

 Take matters into your own hands by being proactive with the power of three.
Annually investing in one book, one class, and one check-up
will greatly enhance your relationship.

One Book.

When is the last time you read to each other?
Drop your phones and get intimate.
Download some books we love.

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One Class.

Learn tools to help your marriage improve.
Our free classes address core challenges.
Click here to get on the same page.

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One Check-up.

Everyone knows that annual check-ups are smart.
Experienced couples need help too.
Check out our favorite experts.

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